Tip Tuesday: Timing Matters

During your optimal time of the day tackle what you dread doing and what matters most.

My son’s love language is touch, mine… not sure, but definitely not touch. In trying to strengthen my relationship with him I wanted to add more hugs. My first reaction was at night. After several weeks of the hugs being more of a checklist item than a sincere expression of love, I realized nights are not my best time of the day. I am a morning person. So I switched my emphasis to big, 6 to 10 second morning hugs. The result: my hugs have become a true joy to give and my son has responded with bigger hugs back. Timing really matters!

Thanks to the Women who have supported my journey!

With the celebration Mother’s Day in May, I want to honor my mother and the many women who have influenced who I am today. Below are the top 10 ways some very fun, quiet, educated, compassionate and opinionated women have used their powers on me! I am afraid I would leave someone out so I am not going to name names, however there are multiple names that would go with each line.

1. Thank you for no agreeing with me, not trying to convince me and accepting we have different ideas.

2. Thank you for the girl’s nights out. Whether book club, a movie or ice cream, the conversation was worthy of my time.

3.Thank you for letting me cry, get angry and then telling me to stand up and keep going.

4. Thank you for loving me when my actions weren’t lovable.

5. Thank you for believing in me when common sense seemed to have left and my dreams kicked in.

6. Thank you for supporting me when I was discouraged and celebrating with me when I found success.

7. Thank you for teaching me to cook ethnic foods.

8. Thank you for trusting me with your heartaches and keeping mine to yourself.

9. Thank you for shopping with me! The fun of finding the dear, whether new or consignment is so much fun!!!

10. Thank you for helping me with no expectation of anything in return.

For the one who deserves mentioning by name, Lora, aka mom, thank you for all of the above and more.

From a practical perspective: thank you for teaching me the skills of money management, cooking, how to runa home or large event, the importance of education and how to shop.

From a spiritual perspective: thank you for sharing your love of the scriptures and knowledge of prayer.

From a daughter’s perspective: thank you for unconditional love.

Women have the power to influence so many lives. Choose to use that power wisely! On May 8th please nominate a woman that has had a profound impact on your life. You both will be entered to win handmade soaps from Bossy Bars. The owner, Lisa Wharton, will be my guest blogger in May. To nominate a woman simply make a comment below as to why you are nominating them.