Tip Tuesday: Timing Matters

During your optimal time of the day tackle what you dread doing and what matters most.

My son’s love language is touch, mine… not sure, but definitely not touch. In trying to strengthen my relationship with him I wanted to add more hugs. My first reaction was at night. After several weeks of the hugs being more of a checklist item than a sincere expression of love, I realized nights are not my best time of the day. I am a morning person. So I switched my emphasis to big, 6 to 10 second morning hugs. The result: my hugs have become a true joy to give and my son has responded with bigger hugs back. Timing really matters!

Thoughtful Thursday-Disconnect

“Oh, it’s finally back, Charlie thought with a grin. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and I can plug in! But another thought hit him he couldn’t explain: I might also fin dragons with Isabel Jane.”

From “When Charlie McButton Lost Power” by Suzanne Collins

How can you disconnect from electronics today to connect with someone in your life?

Thoughtful Thursday

Ok, Ok, I know its technically Friday but the AWESOME 3 day weekend I had has thrown me off and made me forget what day of the week it actually is 😉 So we will call this one Fantastic Thought Friday!!

There is little success where there is little laughter. ~Andrew Carnegie

Take time to laugh more!