Welcome to FamilyMotion


After helping small businesses grow for many years, the impact of being a mother changed my focus. I wanted to see women celebrate all they can do and to see families thrive. There are so many voices to tell you how and what to do with your kids, marriage and self. Too often those voices are so loud that we don’t listen to our own voice from within and the inspiration God wants to give us. After a period of time we don’t even have a voice from within anymore because we didn’t take the time to nurture and grow what our voice is. Women are told to “have it all”. Many try to, running a hundred different directions. The problem is what is the definition of all? Each woman needs to decide for herself. As women we need to start supporting each other in taking different paths, the same with families.


As a coach I bring empathy, but will hold clients accountable to challenging themselves and reaching further than they thought they had the strength to do. I bring a broad life experience, however this is about your journey and what you want. I am not another voice telling you what to do. I am also realistic and real. I live in the “real” world with real challenges and problems.